What is Pueraria Lobata?

Pueraria Lobata is rich in Isoflavones (Daidzein) and Isoflavone Glycosides (Daidzin and puerarin) that promote general health and reduce the risk of several cancers and heart disease.

In ancient days of the orient, Pueraria was regarded as a supreme and exclusively royal herb only for the wives of Kings.

Since the 1980s, herbalists introduced it to the masses. Pueraria has a reputation of enhancing the natural beauty of women. The herbal root is used for its "rejuvenation” effect for the elderly, phyto-estrogen delays aging, menopause and for beauty enhancement.

How Pueraria Lobata enlargement & firmness yours breast?

Development of the mammary tissues and helps enlarge the breasts by lengthening and branching the ducts that connect to the nipple. It increases the fatty tissue and ligaments around the breast that provide support and shape.

As these ducts branch out from the nipple into the interior of the breast, ending in clusters of the lobules, resulting in fuller and firmer breasts. It also maintains the collagen and stimulates development of new cells in skin, which improves the breast skin and maintains a natural look.

The benefits of Pueraria Lobata are at least two-fold:

1) It contains various phto-estrogens such as miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, genistin, genistein, daidzein, daidzin, courmestrol, etc.

These bind to estrogen receptors in the body with different degrees of affinity, resulting in varying estrogenic potency. This helps in restoring normal body functions that were disrupted by the loss of estrogen following the onset of menopause.

2) Phyto-estrogen consumption contributes to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. In a study conducted by the Medicinal Plant Research Institute in Thailand, it was proven that phyto-estrogen could:

  • Decrease the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Increase the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, thereby reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Decrease the levels of total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.


Test Results

In 90% of the women tested, phyto-estrogen from Pueraria Lobata induced an increase in cell turgidity (firmness) but not cell multiplication. Calcium supplied from food such as dairy products, also enhanced the efficiency, so drinking a lot of milk while consuming Pueraria Lobata is recommended.

In a test group concluded that phyto-estrogen, originating from Pueraria Lobata had charasma clearance, 94% were found to have experienced faster skin recovey (from cuts or abrasions), healthier skin and firmer breasts. They also experienced some mammary pain as a result of breasts enlarging. Also, 88% experienced enlarged breasts and healthier darker hair, 85% had increased vaginal secretion during sexual activities, 29% had healthier menstruation.

Clinical Studies:

In studies conducted in Australia and the UK at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth and Chelsea hospital for Women in London respectively, research patients were with doses of phyto-estrogen in regular amounts over a one year period. At the conclusion of the studies, patients have higher levels of phyto-estrogens moderating the levels of estrogen, thus reducing the amount of free circulating estrogen. That in turn, potentially reduces the risk of breast cancer and reverse vaginal and urinary tract changes, reduces occurrence of cysts reduces constipation and even helps women regain their lost sexual function.

Cosmetic results include enlargement and firming up of breasts, healthier clearer skin, fuller more feminine body shape, shinier darker hair and a happier disposition.


  • If symptom persist, please consult a doctor.
  • No suitable for pregnant women, breast feeding and who have a record of hyperthyroidism or related ailments.
  • 100% Pueraria Lobata
  • 400mg x 20 capsules

什麽Pueraria Lobata?
Pueraria Lobata含丰富的异黄酮(Daidzein)及异黄酮(Daidzin & Puerarin),这两大成分能促进身体健康及减少患上多种癌症与心脏的风险.在东方的传统里,Pueraria被视作是至高无上及只供君王之妃妾御用的草本植物圣品.自80年代起,草本植物专家的广泛推荐下,它开始进入寻常百姓家,并在加强女性自然美的效应上获得好评.人们利用Pueraria Lobata的根来帮助老年人,恢复青春活力及它能有效的纾解早衰老及更年期症状.

Pueraria Lobata如何使乳房增大和丰满结


Pueraria Lobata的效益至少两倍:

在90%则试的女性当中,来自Pueraria Lobata的植物雌激素促使细胞膨胀(结实程度)增加,而不是细胞增加.同时,来自食物如奶制品的钙质供应也帮助加强效应,因此建议在服用Pueraria Lobata时也喝大量的牛奶.

在澳洲柏斯之Sir Charles Gairdner医院及英国伦敦为女性而设的Chelsea医院进的研究显示,连续一年接受固定分量植物雌激素治疗的病人,在研究结束后显示拥有较高水平的植物雌激素有助缓和雌激素水平,近而减少自由循环之雌激素的量.这意味着有助减少罹患乳癌的风险.同时能纾解更年期及有关的症状如:骨质疏松症,心血管疾病,失眠,脱发,化解阴道及尿道症状,甚至助女性重拾性生活能力.



- 如有持续症状,马上停止服用及寻求医药协助。

- 怀孕女性,哺乳妇女及患有甲状腺能亢进或有关疾病皆不适合服用此产品


- 100% 葛根


-400毫克 x 20 胶囊