MQ Capsules

MQ Capsules is made from traditional recipe that has been brought down from generations and is combined with special herbs of high nutritional value for better health:

  • Abolish toxins in the body system
  • Abolish excessive fats in the body hence slims the body
  • Relieves constipation and digestive system
  • Controls blood pressure and promotes blood circulation
  • Traditionally used to relieve constipation and for general well being


  • Store in a cool place below 30ºC and keep out of reach of children.
  • 4 capsules a day, for 3 times a week before bed.


  • This is traditional medicine.
  • Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting are present.
  • Folium Senna
  • Fructus Lycii
  • Semen Cassiac
  • Herba Sambuci Chinenses
  • Rhizoma Zingeberis
  • Frutus Amoni
  • Radixet Rhizooma Rhei
  • Herba Verbenae
MQ Capsules 是世代传统配方制成,精选的草药含丰富的营养,可使身体健康:

- 消除体内系统毒素
- 消除体内多余的脂肪,且达到瘦身效果
- 减轻便秘和消化系统
- 控制血压及促进血液循环
- 改善肠胃道功能,让你保持健康活力


- 每次4粒,每周3次,临睡前服用
- 储藏于温度30c 以下,干爽及儿童不能触碰


- 此为传统草药
- 如你觉得腹部疼痛,反胃及呕吐,请停止服用


- 辛那叶
- 枸杞子
- 决明子
- 走马箭
- 生姜
- 砂仁
- 大黄
- 马鞭草