Originally from Europe, bilberry has its roots in traditional medicine since the early 16th century. From ancient times, people with poor vision has chosen to take bilberry from Northern Europe. Furthermore, the Tufts University in America has discovered that bilberry has emerged tops for antioxidant levels in a study of 40 types of fruits and vegetables. Bilberry is capable of reducing toxins from the body. Apart from its ability to nourish eyes, bilberry is also known to exert a protective effect on the heart, reduce the loss of skin moisture, prevent ageing, lighten dark circles and diminish eyes bags.

Awarded the No.1 Health Food

Anthocyanin in the bilberry,as an potent fighter against free radical, is effective in upholding capillary elasticity and integrity, boosting blood circulation, normalizing intraocular pressure (fluid pressure in the eyeball) and relieving common eye disorders.

Product Benefits

  • Promotes better vision, controls tearing, cataracts and reduce eye strains.
  • Prevents the loss of skin moisture with anti aging properties
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Strengthens immunity and improves general health
  • Reduces eye weariness and improves vision
  • Improves immunity and brain activity
  • Helps to reduce fine lines and lighten dark circles
  • Strong antioxidant for a healthy heart

Ingredients:Bilberry Extract, Colostrum Powder (15%IgG), Fructus Lycii, Lutein, Fibergum, Skim Milk, Milk Calcium, Whey Protein, Citric Acid, Black Currant Flavor, Corn Starch.

Direction: 2 tablets daily for children.4-8 tablets daily for adult.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place.It is best kept refrigerated once open.





  • 眼睛老花,近视,流眼水,白内障,出现红筋等
  • 防止肌肤水份流失及抗衰老
  • 强化微血管
  • 增强免疫系统,改善虚弱体质
  • 消除眼睛疲劳,提高视力
  • 改善记忆力衰退及脑功能
  • 帮助消减眼袋及黑眼圈
  • 抗氧化,保护心脏健康