Egg White

De'Macs Egg White Crystal Ice Soap
Egg White is needed in our body especially in skin layer. Egg White Crystal Ice Soap is made of natural ingredients, Egg White Collagen,Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Lemon Grass Extracts and Plant Stem Cell; therefore it is suitable for people from age of 12 years onwards.

The production of Egg White Crystal Ice Soap is very well controlled, in terms of selection of raw material, soap making process up to labelling process. Overall,it is Natural, No Coloring, No Synthethic Fragrance, No Mineral Oil and No Chemicals.

Egg White Crystal Ice Soap has 2 in 1 function : Cleanser and Mask. It helps to maintain your skin in clean, comfortable, soft and cool conditions.

Egg White Collagen - Firming & Lifting

Nano Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturise & Hydrating

Lemon Grass Ekstrak - Shrinkage of Pores, Acne & Sebum Control

Stem Cell Tumbuham - Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation & Whitening